Knit fur jilet
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Knit fur jilet

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カラフルな太モール糸と、シルバー糸、蛍光ファー糸等を組み合わせて、ゴージャスな編み地をつくりました。 いつものシンプルな服に羽織るだけで主役になれる、そんな一着です。2点限定。 ※光の関係上、実際は写真上の色と多少異なることがございますので、予めご了承下さい。 We created gorgeous knitted fur textile with chenille yarn, silver yarn and neon fur yarn. If you put it on your simple coordinate , it makes you gorgeous. This product is limited to 2. ※The colors might be slightly different from the picture by light. ====================================== ▼No. E1-17A05 ▼Size : F Body Length:62cm / Body Width:50cm / Sleeve Length:54cm / Shoulder Length:50cm ▼Composition PE 100% ▼Color  05.(upper)WHT × (lower) BLK × neon GRN fur  25.(upper)BL ×(lower) BLK × BLKfur  85.(upper)PNK ×(lower) RD × salmon PNK fur ●88.(upper)BLK ×(lower) PNK × neon PNK fur  89.(upper)PNK ×(lower) BLK × neon PNK fur ======================================